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Help me make a wise decision?

Submitted: 4/7/2010
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Question: A young lady and I whom I met a year ago have become quite close. She attends church with me every Sunday and she knows where I stand in regards to a lot of issues. There is a real possibility that she may even move in with me in just a matter of weeks. She is a college student and for her sake I know it would be a positive thing in her life. But I am afraid of how it would affect me spiritually. Witnessing and praying for her has been a real battle; it seems the more I pray the harder the enemy fights and sucks her into things that could destroy her. Her current lifestyle and activities cannot be tolerated in my house. So, I am just wondering how I should handle the situation. I want her to know that I do love her and want to help her, and I want her to know the love of God that is in me. However, the thought of her sneeking boys in the house when I'm not there among other things has me questiong what is the right thing to do. Thank you :)

Answer: There is no right or wrong answer in this situation. It is a matter of judgment. You are under no obligation to provide her with a place to live, so we suggest you don't. Just continue to be her friend and work at winning her to the Lord.