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Why does the KJV say 'office'?

Submitted: 3/22/2010
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Question: Romans 12:4-5 says that for as we have many members in one body and all members have not the same office...(kjv). Why does this version mentioned the same office? Please help.

Answer: The Greek word translated 'office' is 'praxis,' which means an act or work that is done repeatedly. The New King James Version and the New International Version both translate this word 'function,' which is far more accurate. The reason the KJV has 'office' is because it was translated by Anglican bishops who were not doing authentic spiritual work, but were occupying a quasi-spiritual political office. The word 'praxis' is the word translated 'acts' in the title of the Book of Acts; yet no one considers this to mean the 'Offices of the Apostles.' It's the record of what the apostles did, not the offices they held.