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What is the unforgivable sin?

Submitted: 3/20/2010
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Question: Praise Jesus. 1.Please explain the unforgivable sin, denying the Holy Ghost. 2. What are examples of this horrific sin? 3. Also does God take notice praying for a reprobate? 4. Is the example of Saul from the Old Testament whom God told the person that he doesn't acknowledge his prayer and not to pray for Saul anymore an example of a reprobate?

Answer: For the answers to your first two questions, please read our article called 'What is the Unforgiveable Sin?' on Shelf 5 of the Apostolic Free Library on this website. As for question 3, God tells us not to pray for those who have left Him (see 1 John 5:16). I suppose we can presume from this that if we do pray for them God will not hear us, or at least that it won't do any good. As for question 4, King Saul is a good example of a reprobate. You may want to read our responses to a question posted on 1/27/10 'Can a person lose the Holy Ghost?'