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Are we to keep Torah law?

Submitted: 3/4/2010
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Question: I know that it is a widely accepted teaching among many Christians that believers in Messiah are 'not under the law, but under grace.' Therefore, we are not expected to follow the Lord's commandments as revealed in the Torah. What do you all teach? Are Christians expected to be 'Torah observant'? I hope this will lead to an open and enriching discussion.

Answer: We teach that Christians are still subject to the moral elements of the law. For example, it was wrong to steal, lie, and commit adultery under the law and it is still wrong. That will never change. We also teach that we keep the ceremonial elements of the law in a spiritual way rather than in a ceremonial way. In others words, instead of offering animal sacrifices, we depend on the sacrifice of Jesus and offer Him the sacrifice of praise. We believe the Passover was fulfilled in the death of Jesus, so we keep the Passover every day by depending on Him for salvation. We believe the Sabbath is fulfilled in the gift of the Holy Spirit, so we keep the Sabbath Day every day by living in submission to Jesus, the Lord of the Sabbath. This is only a brief summary of what we teach, but perhaps it's enough to ignite a good discussion.