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lose the Holy Ghost?

Submitted: 2/14/2010
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Question: I was asked this question one night by the youth leader of our church. Having received the Holy Ghost when I was 17 and then became backslid for several years. I gave a NO answer to this question because I believed that there was still part of God's Spirit in me, otherwise I would have never found my way back. After my response he began to give me an illustration about how God would not live inside of someone living like the devil. If I was ever asked that question again, I'm not sure I would be able to answer it because I would want to give a definite answer, and both these responses make sense to a degree.

Answer: Jesus is a temple cleanser. He enters the temple and begins a process of cleaning it out. Sometimes that process takes a while, especially with young people. The only thing we would have said differently is this: we would never say that 'part of God's Spirit' was in you. He is either present within you or He is not. There is no such thing as part of His Spirit.