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What should our response be?

Submitted: 2/13/2010
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Question: Your website has correctly identified the error in pastoral leadership. If a local church (Holy Ghost filled believers) has adopted the traditions of man mixed with Roman Catholic mysticism, are we still truly obligated to be led by these leaders who have moved away from the simple teachings of scripture? And if so, what should our response be to this error-filled leadership

Answer: You describe a difficult situation. First, let us say that no local assembly is perfect and has everything just right. So we all have to accept the reality that, for now, we must live within a flawed system. The question is, where do we draw the line? How many flaws can we tolerate? Second, we are living in a transitional time when more and more assemblies are moving toward a full restoration of apostolic truth and practice. So if we can be patient, things should get better as time goes by. But the question is, how long do we have to wait? And what if your assembly is not moving in the right direction? These are all difficult questions. Our response is to refer you to the statement we make under 'About Us' on this website called 'A Caution From the Authors' (please read). In addition, we suggest that anyone in the situation you describe has four options: 1) stay where you are and make the most of it, allowing yourself to be led whenever it is reasonable and biblical; 2) find another assembly in the area where the leadership structure is more biblical; 3) relocate somewhere in the US where there is an assembly with the kind of biblical structure you are looking for; or 4) start a new assembly in your home, even if it is only your family to start with. We can think of no other options. If anyone can, please feel free to post your thoughts.