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How important is the hair issue?

Submitted: 2/9/2010
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Question: Do you believe a woman will be denied entrance to heaven if she cuts her hair, and if not, then how important is the hair issue?

Answer: It saddens us that this question would even be asked, because it reveals a basic misunderstanding of biblical salvation. First, let us state emphatically that salvation is predicated on the application of the blood of Jesus by means of the new birth experience as defined by John 3:5 and Acts 2:38. Once a person is born again, there is nothing more required for salvation. Saved means saved. Having said that, let us now state that there are many things that, as Paul said, 'accompany salvation.' These are the things we must do to protect our salvation and make our calling and election sure. They are also important ways that we glorify God in the earth. Hair falls into this category. A woman is not saved because she lets her hair grow out; she is saved by the blood of Jesus. Therefore, she is not unsaved because she does not let her hair grow out. BUT, she protects herself and brings glory to God by letting her hair grow out and she endangers her spiritual life when she refuses to cooperate with this practice. It is not the hair itself, it is what such a refusal reveals about her heart. The same could be said about a man who does not keep his hair cut but allows it to grow out. So, you answer the question, how important is the hair issue? We ask you, how important is it that we glorify God in every area of our lives?