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Can I preach if my wife won't cooperate?

Submitted: 2/8/2010
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Question: If a man feels that God has called him to preach and yet his wife fights dressing holy, what are his options as far as the ministry are concerned?

Answer: From a biblical perspective, all believers are called to preach the gospel. We therefore are not surprised that you are sensing a call to preach. In this regard, there are no qualifications for a person's spouse. Even if your wife is totally ungodly, this should not prevent you from preaching the gospel and bringing people to the Lord (although she could make it difficult for you). To serve as a deacon (a servant, attendant, or minister), a man's wife must be be 'reverent, not a slanderer, temperate, faithful in all things' (1 Timothy 3:11). The Bible provides no specific qualifications for the wives of pastors, although we can tell you that if a man's wife is uncooperative, he will have a very difficult time serving as a pastor. We recommend you do all that you can to win her over to the fulness of truth.