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Does the Bible allow raffles?

Submitted: 1/6/2010
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Question: Does it say anything in the Bible about having raffles to raise money for church events or other financial church needs? Is it even right in God's eyes to have raffles/ fundraisers? If possible, please tell me where to look in the Bible to show if this is right or wrong according to God's word. Thank you

Answer: All we can tell you is our policy. We do not do fundraising of any kind. Our assembly is supported entirely by the tithes and free-will offerings of the members. When the disciples needed money, Jesus told them to go fishing. Of course, they found the money they needed in the mouth of a fish. We believe that one of our purposes as believers is to fish for men, not work to raise money. We say, if the church would invest its time in fishing for men, God would provide the needed money.