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Do we need our own Christmas?

Submitted: 12/25/2009
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Question: As true apostolic people, shouldn't we at the very least have our own day (according to the scriptures) that we celebrate the birth of our Lord? Now I know the apostles didn't celebrate the day, but we seem to fall into the pattern of the world ever so slightly. We may not have a tree but we do other things that are in agreement with the way the world does things. Jesus said that we should be either hot or cold, but not lukewarm

Answer: For true believers, every day is Christmas day, just as every day is a celebration of His death and resurrection. We worship God in Spirit and do not attribute spiritual power to the things of the flesh. When Jesus said that we should not be lukewarm, we used this to describe those who said, 'We have need of nothing.' Jesus can only help those who acknowledge their need. If you are hot, He can cool you off. If you are cold, He can warm you up. But if you are lukewarm, you have need of nothing and there is therefore nothing for Him to do. This is a dangerous place to be.