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Follow up on relationship question?

Submitted: 11/2/2009
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Question: OK, well sounds like to me that you all believe in pre-arranage marriages. My apostolic church disagrees with this teaching. So do u believe in it. because if you do then by the way i was taught in my church that is not an Apostolic Belief. Yes the pastors or father of their child has alot of say so in who they date. But they do not decide who they marry. that is old tesament and old law. that doesnt sound like apostolic to me!

Answer: We do not believe in pre-arranged marriages. That is not at all what we were saying. We are simply saying that the father has the final say so. It's not that he can make his daughter marry someone she does not want to marry, but he can forbid her to marry. This is confirmed in 1 Corinthians 7:36-38, which makes it a very apostolic concept. But putting all that aside, you would be a fool to marry a girl when her father does not approve. You have no idea what sort of problems you will be heading for. Also, your idea that there was one system in the OT and another in the NT is not true. Fathers have always had the final say so until the just past 100 years, and this only in the western world. But just because western society has changed the rules does not means God's people should go along with it. When it comes to marriage, we would say that the world's system hasn't worked very well.