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Is 'Sunday best' in the Bible?

Submitted: 8/28/2009
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Question: I have recently been discussing with my church teacher on people wearing their Sunday best clothes to church. He told me that he thought there was no need to wear our Sunday best outfit to church nor is there anywhere in the Bible that talks about it. Now I told him that I believe that people who have a lower income or just don't know anything about the church...that I can see why they don't wear suits and nice dresses. But I have been taught in my church that those who can wear their best should whenever they are in the house of God. So do you know if there is any Bible scripture to back this up. Thanks.

Answer: There is no Scripture to back this up. There is, however, no reason why people should not dress up when gathering with the local believers for worship. A lot of this is based on custom. People in America used to get dressed up nearly anytime they went to a public event. Just look at old photos of Babe Ruth playing baseball. You will see that everyone watching the game is wearing a coat and tie. The main point is, we should not be condemning of those who do not dress up. The most important thing is not how nice a dress is, but how modest it is.