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Are out of body experiences rael?

Submitted: 8/26/2009
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Question: I heard a very popular preacher say on TV that he had an out of body experience and saw JESUS coming out of God like God was a mist, then JESUS came from the mist. First of all, I know that this person is a Trinitarian and their is only one LORD, FAITH, and BAPTISM. Do you think the devil can cause such a vision? Are out of body experiences scripture? I know Paul was taken and others had a supernatural experience(from The Bible), but these people who say that they have been to Heaven or Hell, is this scriptural?

Answer: This is a great example of why you should not be watching these phony preachers on TV. Please stop wasting your time and exposing yourself to such garbage. It doesn't matter whether the devil was involved in this or not. It is garbage.