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Why are apostolic women more conspicuous?

Submitted: 6/25/2009
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Question: Why are women required to be subject to dress code? You can usually spot an apostolic woman in a crowd, but you can rarely spot the men. They look, often times, just as the world. Why are they not equally subject to certain dress codes of conduct. I just want to know. Is it due to the fact that women have the ability to create an atmosphere of seduction, because men are visual or is because we are not the head?

Answer: If you were to go back 100 years, apostolic women would not be particularly conspicuous. Today they are noticeable because our society has changed so radically. Today the majority of women wear make-up, wear slacks, and have their hair cut. That was not so 100 years ago. In other societies around the world, the apostolic women don't stand out nearly as much because the way women appear in public has not changed very much.