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Is it okay to serve on a jury?

Submitted: 6/21/2009
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Question: Do you think that Christians should be on juries to perform jury duties? One of the questions on the survey they sent my wife was, Do you have any religous convictions about sitting in judgment of another person? I wasn't sure how to answer her. In the story of the adulterous woman Jesus said, He who hath no sin let him cast the first stone. Would we be casting stones by sitting on a jury? Just currious of your thoughts on this. Any scriptures to help would be greatly apriciated.

Answer: Serving on a jury is an important civic responsibility in America. It is one of the safeguards of our freedom. Thank God we live in a nation ruled by laws where there are courtrooms and juries. Serving on a jury has nothing to do with Jesus' admonition against judging others. There are two kinds of judgment: 1) condeming judgment, which is to judge a person, and 2) evaluating judgment, which is to judge a person's behavior. We are not to do the first, but we are to do the second. Juries hear evidence and make reasoned decisions about guilt or innocence, which has to do with behavior, not personhood.