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This wonderful information filled site!!!!

Submitted: 6/10/2009
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Question: I just wanted to say that when I did not understand the Oneness of God, I was not even aware of this biblical truth. I am amazed after learning the truth of the Oneness of God how my long-time friends in several churches have just turned their backs too me. WOW! Even after showing them the Bible truth concerning baptism Acts 19, they still were not willing to see it or even hear it. If one is open to the truth, then one can easily begin to see how INCREDIBLY VITAL THIS SITE IS AND HOW IMPORTANT IT IS TO SHOW OTHERS THE TRUTH OF THE ONENESS OF GOD. All I have to say is God never changes. If in Genesis the Word presents one God, then in Revelation we have to end with one God. God is the same yesterday, today, and unto eternity. Thank God for this wonderful web site that is growing every day.

Answer: Thank you for your kind comments.