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Regarding this site's honesty!

Submitted: 6/5/2009
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Question: I just want to thank this site for being as honest with all questions as possible. I have always wondered about this verse and would love an answer, maybe at this point in time it is not for us to know. I was baptized in the titles back in 1992, and I came to the truth in 2007 and was baptized according to what the word clearly states as the correct baptism -- in Jesus's name. For those who say that being baptized twice is incorrect, they are right. The only valid one is in the name of Jesus. Still not convinced? Act 19 speaks of how the disciples of John were baptized once in John's baptism and then in the name of Jesus. Since then I have been learn SO SO MUCH. VERSES I HAVE READ 1000 TIMES AND NEVER SAW WHAT GOD WANTED ME TO SEE!!! I thank God for this site as it has opened my eyes to even more understanding of the Oneness of God.

Answer: Thank you for your kind comments.