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What about this pastor's claim?

Submitted: 5/29/2009
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Question: Do you have an idea about the possibility that an angel could come inside a person's body? A pastor in our organization is claiming that the angels Michael and Gabriel is coming inside him and whenever this happens, some witnesses say that his voice would change. This has been an issue in our organization as of now because some believed on him while many don't. I just want to ask any comment or suggestion from you because I haven't read anything like this in the Bible so far. The license of this pastor was now confiscated because of his practice. He is doing strange acts sometimes and they have placed images of angels in their church and candles. Can this be true or is this Biblical? I think they also fast and the pastor usually speaks in an unknown tongue.

Answer: We do not necessarily see anything wrong with fasting or speaking in an unknown tongue. Both are biblical. But we do believe the supposed angel experiences are strong evidence that this man is not of God, but has been taken captive by the adversary. We suggest you stay away from him.