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What about wolf characteristics and boy scouts?

Submitted: 5/11/2009
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Question: I am a father of two. My oldest is in cub scouts. The rank that my oldest is in is wolves rank. I volunteered as their wolf leader. I researched the 'characteristics of a wolf' to explain to the boys (6-8 yrs) what being a wolf means, and I came across THIS explaination, and none of this sounds good. If you know anything about boy scouts, 'GOD' is a very big part of scouting. I'm just courious, what do you think? Please only anwser if you know about boy scouts. Thanks

Answer: I was both a Cub Scout and a Boy Scout. Although there are some negative characteristics about wolves, some of them are quite positive out in the world where animals have to hunt to survive. It is my understanding that wolves hunt in packs and have a very sophisticated system of team work. This would be a positive attribute. Yes, Jesus used wolves as an example because they are dangerous preditor animals, but that does not make wolves evil. They have many attributes that are admirable. I would tell the boys that they can learn about both good and evil by studying wolves. I don't think your being a Boy Scout 'wolf leader' is a problem to God.