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How much authority does a pastor have?

Submitted: 4/28/2009
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Question: I was just wondering how much power or authority should we give to the man of God (our pastor)? For example, at my church our pastor has made the standard to where we cannot date until we are 16. So do you think this is overboard and that too many people put too much faith in the pastor instead of God? Cause it seems like to me at my church more people are scared to face the pastor than God himself. Thanks

Answer: Pastoral authority comes from God, not from the people. So the issue is not how much authority you should give him. The issue revolves around how the authority God gives him is used or in some cases misused. Please read our article 'The Limits of Pastoral Authority,' which you can find on Shelf 4 of the Apostolic Free Library on this website. As for your pastor's standard, it may suprise you to learn that at our church we don't believe in dating at all. Please see our article 'Facing the Problems of Dating,' also in the Apostolic Free Library on Shelf 7. It does concern us that people in your assembly are afraid to face the pastor, but it seems to us that this is their issue. They need to face up to their own fears and overcome them.