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What about a husband?

Submitted: 4/9/2009
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Question: I came to the Lord as a single unwedded mother, but God had mercy and forgave me and I'm baptized in Jesus name and filled with the Holy Ghost, and I just wanted to know what you thought about me getting a husband. Do you think God would reconcile me with my child's father or do you think it's possible that He's preparing a husband for me that Ive never even met? I know I made bad choices in my past but I just feel an emptiness there. Sometimes I wonder if God just wants me to depend on Him.

Answer: There is no doubt that God wants you to depend on Him. But He would also be very keen on you having a husband so that your child would have a father living at home. We have no idea whether there is any hope of a reconciliation with your child's father or if someone might arise from other quarters. We have seen both things happen in other similar situations. We encourage you to keep holding fast to Jesus. He will guide you and provide for you.