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Questions about Genesis?

Submitted: 3/16/2009
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Question: Praise Jesus, First question about Genesis. How do I explain Genesis 1:26 to trinitarians. ' Let us make man in our image ' No. 2 Genesis 5:4 If Adam had children 800 years after Seth, Eve must have been close to 800 years old also. What was her age? No. 3. In Genesis 1:28 God said replenish the earth. What happened to the earth if it had to be replenished? Last, in Genesis 5:2 God called them both Adam. Eve had two names? Thank you and God Bless.

Answer: 1. Please see our article called 'Questions and Answers About the Oneness of God' found on Shelf 1 of the Apostolic Free Library on this website.

2. The Bible does not tell us Eve's age, but I think we can presume it was very close to the same age as Adam.

3. The word translated 'replenish' means to furnish or to fill. The context tells us that God did not tell Adam to replenish the earth the way we might replenish our supply of food when the pantry begins to get empty. What He sent man out to do was to fill the earth with the knowledge of God and bring it under his dominion.

4. The Hebrew word 'adam' can mean a single man or it can mean mankind as a whole. That is the way it is being used in Genesis 5:2. God called man and woman mankind. In verse 3 the same word is used to refer to the single man, Adam. We use the word 'man' the same way in English. We might speak of the history of man, meaning all of mankind. But we might also say, 'Look at that nice looking man.' Sometimes we even say, 'Hey man, what ya doin'?' One word with several shades of meaning.