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How can I know that God called me into ministry?

Submitted: 1/27/2009
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Question: How can I know for certain that God called me for ministry, whether to be an elder or an evangelist or even a member of the choir? I know it is not because someone walks up to you and tells you but that the gift is from Jesus Christ and someone can confirm it. But I want to know is there a way that I could know for certain.

Answer: We believe that everyone who receives the gift of the Holy Spirit is called into ministry. The only issue is, what specific form will each person's ministry take. This is determined by the gifts God gives a person combined with the person's character and experience. If anyone of these three is missing, the person is not yet qualified.

The specific ministry is often determined by what a person is interested in (what he is drawn toward) and what he is good at. Some people want to teach, but they aren't any good at it. Some people are good teachers but don't want to teach. Usually a person begins to develop and someone in leadership begins to notice. The decision as to what a person should be doing must be agreed to by the person and his leadership. This is why it is very important that leaders see their work as identifying people's gifts and equipping them for their work of minstry.

There is no short cut. A person may have the desire and ability to minister in some fashion, but if he is deficient in godly character, he is not ready. Also, often times ministry develops over time, one step at a time. In other words, a person may teach children before teaching adults. Or a person may lead a home group before leading an assembly.

Hope this helps.