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Can the elders make a unilateral decision?

Submitted: 1/27/2009
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Question: When the elders of an assembly make a decision, be it a money matter or inviting a Bible teacher for a conference, should it be in consultation with the deacons/Bible teachers/active members of that assembly? In short, can the elders make major decisions without the knowledge of the deacons/Bible teachers/active members of the assembly?Appreciate to have your specific answer with Bible reference.

Answer: Once a biblical eldership is appointed, the elders are the governing authority of a local assembly. They are therefore the final authority under Jesus Christ. We say this because they are described as the 'shepherds' and 'overseers' of the assembly (1 Peter 5:2). They are also described as those who 'rule' (1 Timothy 5:17). This means that they have the authority to make a decsion without consulting with anyone other than the Lord Himself. Having said this, however, when a decision has a significant impact on the deacons or a Bible teacher or the assembly as a whole, it is wise to bring the affected parties into the decsion making process. Everything leaders do is not determined by what they have the right to do; more often it is by what is proper, prudent, and in the best interests of the Lord and His people.