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What's the intepretation of this dream?

Submitted: 1/23/2009
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Question: I am reading “The Big Bright Target” right now and it reminded me of a dream I had several years ago when I attended a church in XXXXXXX. The pastor would fit the description of a dominate type of person who rules over the flock but in a subtle way. In my dream, me and another brother, who I was close friends in the church at the time, we were walking on a road together but the pastor was on a higher elevation, (like a road with a high side) the pastor was walking parallel to us. We came to the end and the pastor disappeared up a ladder and through a hatch that me and the other brother didn’t go through, like we were not allowed to so me and the other brother stayed below and we were In sort of a recreation type place. Then I woke up. I never understood the dream, but I am wondering and trying to put the pieces together now. Thought I would share this with you.

Answer: Thank you for sharing this experience with us.