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Wasn't Paul the leader on Timothy and Titus?

Submitted: 1/17/2009
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Question: Was Paul the spiritual leader to Tites, and to timothy? He made comments as to being the ONE that won them to God being there father in the faith. It didn't say I am glade to be one of you spiritual leaders. Paul was there head spiritual leader under Christ.

Answer: Paul was the leader (or much of the time co-leader) of an apostolic church-planting team. Timothy and Titus were from time to time left to watch over newly planted churches until such time as elders could be appointed (see Titus 1:5). As the older and more experienced man, Paul wrote to Timothy and Titus giving them encouragement, counsel, and instruction. This has nothing to do with the leadership of an established local assembly. Paul was never the chief elder among a group of lesser elders.