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How is cutting of hair connected to angels?

Submitted: 1/13/2009
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Question: I have a follow-up comment, where I noticed that the KJV wasn't quoted here, in that 'sign of authority' was the phrase used in v. 10, as opposed to 'power on', right before the phrase 'because of the angels.' Angels are mentioned in three other places in first Corinthians. Perhaps mention could be made of how Paul could have been saying that the angels looking into the worship services of the Corinthian's would be pleased to see the Corinthian women wearing veils on their heads, because this was what was customary and expected, and showed proper female submission to male authority in first century Corinth.

Answer: The problems we have with this interpretation are that 1) it suggests that Paul was only addressing a local custom rather than the general practice of the church universal, and 2) that the covering was a veil and not hair.

We always use the New King James Version of the Bible for consistency, but we acknowlledge that the words 'symbol of' are not in the original. The Greek word is exousia, which generally means authority or the right to decide.

You seem to be saying that the reason a woman must have authority on/over her head is because agels are watching. But we are never instructed to obey the Word of God in order to please the angels. Why would Paul not have said, 'Because of the Lord.' Isn't it more important what the Lord sees than what angels see? We say this only to suggest that as yet we have read no satisfactory explanation for this very interesting and perplexing phrase.