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Do we remain married or seperate?

Submitted: 12/31/2008
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Question: I have been married since 1996, been in the truth since 2001 along with my entire family, but my husband has struggled with drug addiction on and off since. It's not daily, but evey year or two or every six months. I am tired of it. Do we continue to live as one or separate? He has never done it in home or we have never seen him on it. He owns his own business so his money is easily accessed and he leaves to the world and comes back in a day or even a week. But keeps repenting and making promises to quit. It has also not helped being in churches that have fell apart because of sin and him not seeing the ministers over him in obedience. I know what the Bible states about divorce, but he hasn't committed adultery. We are finally at a church with a well season pastor he is 77 and been in church all his life, but he will be leaving soon and his son-in-law is taking over. I have seen the most growth in him here and success but he has messed up twice. Our children are all home and two are home schooled (ages 19,18.16, 13) and they are tired of seeing this cycle. What should we do?

Answer: I seems as though right now is exactly the wrong time to be thinking about a separation. If your husband is doing better than ever, why change things? I presume your pastor knows all about this situaion and is helping you with it. So we would say, stick with your husband. Drugs is a real bondage and I'm sure your husband gets very discouraged with himself. Keep praying a fasting for a complete deliverance. That's what he needs. And Jesus is able!