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Why do Jewish women wear pants and jewerly?

Submitted: 12/15/2008
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Question: I've read the answers to some of the same questions I have about modesty and not to adorn ourselves with trinkets or paint our faces. God's chosen people are the Jewish people, but the women wear all of the above. Don't they read the same Bible we do or know about Bathsheba?

Answer: Number 1. Spirit-filled Christians are the 'true Jews,' not those who are ethnic Jews or those who practice the various Jewish religions. Number 2. Many Orthodox Jewish women do not wear the items you describe. Number 3. There is one Bible, yet people seem to find a wide variety of different faiths within it. That does not detract from the truth; it only shows that there are innumerable errors. We suggest you simply do what you know to be right and not worry about what everyone else is doing.