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What about that which pertains to women?

Submitted: 12/14/2008
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Question: I understand about the pants issue, but how about applying a little lipstick or little earrings or a cute ring? All this things a women naturally loves to wear. Is it wrong?

Answer: First of all, not all women naturally like to wear these things. Much of what seems natural today is simply the training we have received from our godless worldly society. This is why we are not to be conformed to this world but transformed by the renewing of our minds. Secondly, the issue in not one of right or wrong; the issue has to do with how we can best glorify God. Both Paul and Peter taught that women who profess godliness should not decorate themselves with unnatural adornments such as you have described. Also, only objects need to be pained, not living things. See 1 Timothy 2 and 1 Peter 3.