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Isn't your concept of eldership wrong?

Submitted: 12/6/2008
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Question: Please allow this comments for an article 'The New Testament Elders'. The Scriptures used are correct but the interpretation are wrong. To consider the office of the elders in the local churches did not undermined or understimated the authority of the pastor as the 'led elder' or to the person qualified by the H.S. We've heared a person pastoring for a quite long years though he didn't make use his office 'Dominantly Controlled' the church members. It's the Holy Spirit who is controlling the individual. If that system of ruling (Dominantly Controlling) paved the way to ignore the gift of the led elder (the pastor) The person who holds such office using that procedure or system is not called by God having no 'gift' as a pastor. To consider the 'Office of the Elders' in the local churches does not (under) meant that the specific gift 'pastor' Ephesian 4:11 is already having the same duty and responsibility whith that 'elders' which is not mentioned by Apostle Paul on that text. The 'Five Fold Ministry' is separate from the elders ministry and that is very clear. We are save to serve. Some say that 'The New Testament Elders' article is based on Eglesia Local Teaching and it is not acceptable to some. We would glad to hear a response from you soon. Thank you.

Answer: We would be open to your interpretation if you could provide us with just one biblical example of a lead elder (a single autonomous pastor who is over the elders) in a New Testament local assembly.