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Are church steeples wrong?

Submitted: 11/27/2008
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Question: I attend a very strict apostolic church. And my pastor was recently teaching on churches and having steeples on top of their churches. My pastor says that having a steeple on top of a church is sinful and that it actually means something sexual. I have researched about the steeple but could not find anything on it. If you have any idea on why some churches dont believe in steeples could you please explain to me why. Thanks and God bless.

Answer: We are not interested in contradicting the teachings of your pastor. Perhaps you should go to him and ask for more details on his teaching about steeples. To the best of our knowledge, the original purpose of steeples was to serve as bell towers back in the days before people had clocks. The sounding of the bell let them know it was time to get to church. Perhaps your pastor has other information.