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Comment on battling witchcraft.

Submitted: 11/11/2008
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Question: Seek GOD like your life depends on it, and it really does! I am a witness that if you get real with God not only will God deliver you he will make those enemies leave you alone. I should have been dead sleeping in a grave due to people using witchcraft/demonic powers. OH! BUT GOD turned my situation around. It took much much much prayer, fasting, and total committment to GOD! Never give up keep trusting God! Read the scriptures daily, especially psalms 124, 37, 91, 27, 18 and 110. Get involved with a bible study group that meets every week. Have quiet time with God everyday. Make time for GOD and he will show up and show you he is GOD! Most of all live a HOLY life and OBEY GOD! But your reward will be that GOD will make your enemies leave you alone! You and your father/family need the power of the HOLY SPIRIT! The Holy Spirit will keep you when the enemy is trying to destroy you! Much much love and I will be praying for God to deliver you and your family. CJ

Answer: Thank you for your comment.