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How do we start an eldership?

Submitted: 11/3/2008
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Question: How could we apply or implement the plurality of eldership in our local church? Could you guide me which article you have written for our guide in starting our leadership system in our local church?

Answer: We suggest you start by selecting which men may be qualified to serve as elders. Then begin an elder development process. You do not want to appoint anyone to serve as an elder who does not meet the qualifications Paul listed in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1. These are your guidelines. We suggest you take it slowly and make sure that anyone appointed as an elder is ready.

You can use some of our material for training. We suggest you start with the first three articles on Shelf 4 of the Apostolic Free Library. These will help establish the principle of servant leadership. Then use the articles on Shelf 2. These will help them understand how an eldership works. Finally, use the articles on Shelf 3. Keep in mind that in addition to establishing a biblical eldership, it is also important to establish a team of biblical deacons.

Please let us know how it is going.