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Am I a hypocrite?

Submitted: 10/21/2008
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Question: I was recently called into the office for a brief meeting regarding my performance. Due to the fact that I am aware of authority and what the Bible says, I always try to please my customers, which includes the principal, vice principle, teachers, staff, students, and parents as well as other visitors. My co-workers have stated without directly stating that it is hypocritical because I am serving the people and the boss and smiling even though I don't want to. In essence she was referring to me as I try to treat everyone kindly just because I beleive in customer service and in serving people, I serve God. I could be wrong, however, between her and the school phychologist (who is a good friend of her) it is hypocritical. I thought, They are catholics/pschologist, but I only laughed. Am I wrong? -------------------

Answer: We suggest you pray and ask God to search your heart for any areas of hypocrisy. On the surface, however, what you describe sounds as though you are merely trying to be kind and respectful. That is not hypocrisy.