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Does a pastor have a right?

Submitted: 10/21/2008
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Question: Hello. I have a question I want to ask and I'm hoping you can answer. Recently my pastor has been preaching about change. In his latest sermon he spoke of baptisms. In this preaching he mentioned that things have gotten so bad with so many members leaving the church, he continued on by saying that the only people that have stayed in the church and have been active members are those who assist in our weekly cell groups (weekly gatherings of members from a church in which they bring friends). He later continued on by saying that it was going to come down to the point that he was only going to baptize those who assisted in a cell group. When he said this, something within me told me he was wrong. I know that a pastor has the right to not baptize someone if he feels that the person is not ready. But my question is, can he deny someone the right of being baptized just because they do not attend a cell group?

Answer: We cannot second guess your pastor's decision. We would be glad to discuss it with him if you would like to ask him to contact us.