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Is there a consequence?

Submitted: 10/15/2008
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Question: My sister is a beautiful person, and I see great potential in her. She has recently decided to get baptized into a baptist church, but I can't help but feel that the only reason she wants to get baptized is because her boyfriend told her that he wouldn't propose to her unless she was baptized. Is there a consequence for her getting baptized if done for the wrong reason? Is there any advice I can give her with me being an active apostolic?

Answer: Your sister is not being baptized in a biblical manner, therefore her baptism in meaningless. She needs to do some real soul-searching. It sounds as though she is willing to jump through the religious hoops just to get a husband. This is shallow at best and deceitful at worst. What kind of relationship will she have if it is based on such deception? Perhaps she would agree to a Bible study so she can learn the truth about God and salvation.