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Does 2 Chronicles 7:14 apply to us?

Submitted: 9/4/2005
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Question: Does 2 Chronicles 7:14 apply to the believers today? I've heard it quoted for every disaster that has occurred, as if it is the fault of every disobedient believer.

Answer: When God look upon man, He sees us as individuals and as groups. He may deal with an entire local assembly or He may deal with an entire nation. In this sense, we can say that America has enjoyed many blessings which have certainly come from God. This is because righteousness exalts a nation. The more righteous a nation is (in a broad general sense), the more God will bless and exalt that nation. In the same way, the less godly a nation, the more it will suffer from poverty and adversity.

This does not mean that any particular person is responsible for a disaster such as Katrina in New Orleans. But it could mean that God is bringing judgment on the nation as a whole due to the increase in sin and ungodliness.

As believers, we have power with God. We can intercede for our fellow citizens. Daniel was a righteous man, but he prayed for his people Israel as though he was personally responsible for the nations sins. Let all God's people pray for our nation, not that God would spare us from further disasters, but that He would turn the people of our nation toward His righteousness.