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Jesus' Hair

Submitted: 9/2/2005
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Question: In all the pictures I have seen, Jesus has had longer hair. I have read your postings on men's hair, but do not understand why men are suppose to keep their's short if Jesus's was long. How do you feel about this? Is their any scripture to justify?

Answer: Jesus began to be depicted in paintings with long hair during the Renaissance Period (14th-16th centuries). At that time, most European men wore their hair long. The earliest depictions of Jesus thought to be from around the 3rd century show Him with short hair, which was the style during the time Jesus lived. Other depictions of men in the Roman Empire during the time when Jesus lived show men with short hair.

Unfortunately, the 'Renaissance Jesus' has come to be the accepted version in our society. But there is no evidence at all that Jesus actually had long hair.