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Is this a true vision?

Submitted: 9/28/2008
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Question: Greetings, I have been an apostolic pentecostal for all of my 28 years. my question is; my wife had this pain in her shoulder for a week or 2. the pain got so bad that she could not lift her arm up or even go to work. one night i went to our prayer room while my wife was laying in bed. i was praying for my wife to be healed from her pain. as i was speaking in tongues, i had a vision. all of a sudden i was at the door in our room. for some reason i dont know why, i was all black and white. i saw my wife sleeping in bed and i saw what i want to say is Jesus on the side of our bed, strenching His hand out towards my wife. I only saw the back of this person, i could not see his face or front. After the vision i praised God and thanked Him. I went to bed and by the next morning, my wife had no pain at all and it never came back. Is this a true vision and was that Jesus or an angel in my vision? another vision i had; one night at church/bible study, we were all singing and all of a sudden, i was taking up in the sky very high. i saw moutains below me, i wasnt scared and i knew someone was behind me even thou i couldnt see him. i saw a waterfall falling from the sky to the mountains, the water was raising to the top of the mountains. The way i understood this vision is that God's Love and Grace is enough to reach the highest mountain and the lowest valley and there is a never ending to that Love & Grace. Would that interpetation sounds correct or does it mean somethind else? Thank you for your time Walk By Faith!!

Answer: We are neither willing nor able to judge whether your visions are from God. We are also not equipped to validate your interpretations. We thank you for sharing them with us.