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Is your concept of holiness necessary?

Submitted: 8/13/2005
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Question: I am a member of a oneness group in Northern Ireland. Our church has never taught that women should have uncut hair. Nor do we believe that they can't wear trousers, jewellery or make-up. There are other oneness groups throughout Europe like this. Do you believe that people in fellowships such as ours are unsaved? We're baptised in Jesus' name, talk in tongues, and believe in one God. We just don't see that Scripture teaches what we see as a North American version of holiness.

Answer: Salvation is based on our faith response to the gospel (the new birth). It is predicated on the blood of Jesus Christ and not on the perfection of our outward conduct or appearances. We are not saved because we are holy; therefore, we are not unsaved just because we are not.

Having said that, however, we are concerned that people who start out by stepping through the narrow gate are able to stay on the narrow road until they reach eternal life. This requires what Paul called 'the things that accompany salvation' (Hebrews 6:9). We all have a spiritual adversay who is doing his best to keep us from the finish line. We believe that some of the things you have mentioned help to protect us from the adversary and keep us close to the Lord. We are sorry you don't see the blessings they bring to believers. We have biblical reasons for everything we do if you are ever interested in studying this subject. It is not just a North American version of holiness.