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Pastors against having children?

Submitted: 8/11/2005
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Question: Why do so many apostlic pastors preach against a marriage not wanting to have a lot of children, doing what it take not to have them so soon after another, like using some form of protection (not birth control pills). Thank you.

Answer: We cannot speak for other pastors. Some may have been influenced by the modern world's attitide against having children. With birth control, legalized abortion, and the rampant child abuse we see in this country, it is obvious that Satan is fighting hard against any increase in the number of children. Those who survive to age five are then thrust in to a government school system that programs them to be good citizens of the world (but not good citizens of the kingdom of God).

Perhaps Satan remembers the prophecy of Eden, that the seed of the woman will bruise his head (Genesis 3:15). Of course, this prophecy refers specifically to Jesus Christ, but it can also be applied to every human being who is born again into the body of Christ. From Satan's viewpoint, the fewer children born in the U.S., the fewer possible candidates for the new birth and the fewer adversaries he must face. Keep in mind that his goal is to control the entire world.

Rather than discouraging childbrith, we believe that apostolic people should be having more babies, should be home educating them, and should be preparing them for the end-time war against the antichrist.