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Supporting scriptures

Submitted: 8/6/2005
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Question: Are there any supporting scriptures as to ministers, preists, leaders, etc. temporarily placing a member of the congregation in this position?

Answer: We consider the very basis of your question to be flawed. You seem to presume that there is some sort of division between the 'ministers, preists, leaders, etc.' and the 'members of the congregation.' This idea comes out of the belief in a clergy, which exists as a distinct group from the so-called laity. This is an unbiblical concept. Under the New Testa**********l born-again believers are ministers and priests. The issue is not whether a person is part of the clergy or part of the laity; it is, what are that person's gifts? What can that person contribute? What is that person's character? The emphasis should be on whether a person can edify the church, not what sort of official ordination he has received.