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Confused love?

Submitted: 8/2/2005
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Question: I have been saved for five years and filled woth the Holy Ghost for 2 years. I was saved at 17 and I always believed that fornication is wrong so I have never defiled my body in that way. My question is, what does it mean if I persistently think about another man (he happens to be single), but not in a sexual way, i.e. its like I love him so much and want to marry him, but there are issues like the huge age difference (about 15 years) and the fact that he is so anointed. I don't want to defile his anointing by having him on my mind all the time. I am confused! I always pray about it but sometimes I feel that in this matter my prayers are being blocked by the enemy.

Answer: We do not believe that you can defile another person's anointing simply by having him on your mind all the time. God gives anointing. It is His Spirit, and you do not have the power to defile God.

The fifteen year age difference is a consideration, but certainly not an over-riding consideration. We suggest you speak to a pastor at your assembly and consider letting this man know how you feel. Maybe he has thought about marrying you. You may never know unless you ask.

Don't worry about the devil blocking your prayers. God's has very good hearing.

You might think about obtaining a copy of a book called 'Boundaries' by Henry Cloud and John Townsend. It would help you to get better at sorting out your thoughts.