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Biblical counseling?

Submitted: 9/9/2008
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Question: I am often lost when questioning if i am doing the right thing by asking for counseling for my 17-year- old son. I attempted to seek counseling within the church, but I really don't think anyone wants that responsibility or liability. I have had him speak with the youth counselor at a church you suggested, however, I am planning on taking him to a counselor via my insurance as well. I agree, I believe biblical counseling should not be left out. However, when I question why some 'counselors' say two different things, I often wonder if... A. I asked the right questions? B. Was I listening well? C. Did I misunderstand them? D. Was God involved in this if he truly guides my steps? C. If the Sunday morning sermon is about a 'REAL HOPER' who doesn't pick up the phone but instead prays (or goes to God) instead of running to the therapist, is he speaking to me (Were they gossiping? Does he have teenagers or experience? Am I worrying too much?. E. Why does my son worry sooo much? F. How can I help him?

Answer: We are sorry to say that we have no valid way of answering your questions. It is simply impossible to assess particular situations from a distance. We encourage you to continue seeking the Lord and asking Him to direct you into the local help you need.