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What is true biblical counseling?

Submitted: 9/3/2008
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Question: I have heard Malcolm Bowden and Dr. Robert Law say that they have had great results counseling people with only the use of the Bible, say that what the world knows as 'Christian' counseling is actually the same thing as secular humanistic counseling, and that most all mental illness is actually self-centeredness gone into self-pity and can be 'cured' by not allowing the counsellee to skirt their responsibility. Your comments would be greatly valued. This gentleman does not have all the Truth, but I think the Bible alone can produce the results he describes. Thank you!

Answer: We do not agree that the Bible alone can cure illness, be it mental, emotional, or physical. We do, however, believe that Jesus can and that He does not need the help of trained psychotherapists. The Bible, of course, defines and directs us to Jesus. But we must not leave His manifested presence, the Spirit of God, out of the cure. This is the where the healing power resides. Our own experience has shown that the biggest hindrance to healing is the unwillingness to fully submit to the Healer. Please see our book 'Healing Hands' in the Apostolic Free Library.