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What is an armorbearer?

Submitted: 7/20/2005
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Question: What are the duties of an apostolic armorbearer?

Answer: An armorbearer is one who supports and assists those who are leading an assembly. In biblical terms, this would be deacons (i.e. servants, ministers). The overarching work of biblical deacons is revealed in Acts 6:1-6. It is to take on whatever tasks are necessary to allow the overseers of the assembly to stay focused on prayer and the ministry of the Word and to heal broken relationships that are leading to disunity in the body.

Please read our article titled 'The Operations of the Deacon Team' found on the Elder and Deacon Development shelf of the Apostolic Free Library. We alo recommend the book 'The New Testament Deacon' by Alexander Strauch. It can be obtained at www.lewisandroth.com.