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Chirstmas and Easter

Submitted: 7/12/2005
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Question: I have been a Apostolic Brother my whole life. The church I go to does not believe in Chirstmas nor do they believe in Easter. My pastor Precheas about how nobody knows the day when Jesus was born or when he rose from the dead. We just know it was on a sunday when he went to the heavens. My pastor also precheas that if we do not know the day that Jesus was born then what is there to celebrate on christmas.I do not see anything wrong with having a Chirstmas tree in mt house and giving gifts to my love ones. Am I believe wrong or is my church believeing wrong. Thanks.

Answer: I would like to respond to your question privately, since this is not the subject of this website. But you have not sent me your correct email address. Please write to me at DAHuston@aol.com. Thanks you.