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Asking too many questions

Submitted: 7/2/2005
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Question: What is the nature of the relationship between the elder-overseers and the congregation in terms of controlling authority? Specifically, if a member of the congregation asks a lot of questions about the elder-overseers' interpretation of the Scriptures, is he to be viewed as a 'rebel' or a 'Korah'?

Answer: God designed people with an innate desire to learn. This is first manifested in little children when they start asking questions. Ideally the desire to learn should continue on for the rest of life. The moment we stop learning we stop growing as people. We should never stop desiring to learn.

We do not consider asking questions to be a mark of rebellion against authority. Instead, we consider it a mark of someone who wants to learn. We believe people have a right to know why things are done as they are, and that any leader who cannot defend his actions from the Scriptures ought to reconsider his actions.

We believe that men are the spiritual leaders of their homes and elder-overseers are the spiritual leaders of local assemblies. Please see our article entitled 'The Limits of Pastoral Authority' found on Shelf 4 of the Apostolic Free Library.