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The start of the apostolic faith

Submitted: 6/26/2005
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Question: When was the apostolic faith founded and why do you believe that you are the one true church when there are so many people who believe the same thing, 'that their church is the one true church.'

Answer: Ephesians 4:5 says that there is but one faith. This faith is based upon the teachings of Jesus Christ and the apostles of the early church. Acts 2:42 calls this 'the apostles' doctrine.' In the very early days of the Christian faith, everyone believed the same thing. This is because God has only one message and one plan for revealing Himself to man and gathering together for Himself a people for His name. He has one body, which will dwell with Him for eternity.

When two people believe different doctrines which are contradictory to each other, they cannot both be right. Perhaps neither is right, but at best only one is right. Truth does not contradict itself.

Over the past 2000 years, many different manuscripts have been written on the Christian faith. Many of these documents contradict one another. In other words, they cannot all be right. The questions is, which doctrines are right?

We believe that the articles we have posted on this website on various elements of the apostles' doctrine are biblically accurate. We invite the comments and criticisms of everyone who visits this site. We are willing to be corrected and to modify any statement which we are shown to be in conflict with true biblical doctrine. Each of us is responsible to God and to ourselves to seek out the whole truth and hold fast to it.